Welcome to Team Burning!

Team Burning [BRN] is now actively recruiting people over the age of 16 for Planetary Annihilation primarily from the GMT+8 through GMT+12 time zones. At present most of our players are based in Australia, New Zealand and the US. The community was originally formed by players who played Planetary Annihilation competitively and socially.

Team Burning aims to create a social network for people interested in playing RTS games competitively and socially. We host social tournaments and challenge other clans to epic inter-clan wars. Players of any skill level who are interested in playing RTS games and improving their skills in a friendly environment are welcome.

Alongside playing Planetary Annihilation we have a community of members who play other games casually.

To signup Register on this page and fill out the Planetary Annihilation  Recruitment Form. You can also join our Steam Group, to do so just PM one of the admins to invite you. To increase our ranking on iClan Websites recruitment list, you can Vote for Team Burning once everyday.

Feel free to add us on Steam and Discord and message us if we are online any time:  Elite Sardaukar or  Nicb1. The easiest way to get in contact with other players is to jump on the Discord Server to play some games.

Access to our Discord Server can be gained by getting an invitation, if you would like access to this please PM one of the Admins.
Planetary Extinction League
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Community Custom Server
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Clan Wars Signup
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We will now require everyone in Team Burning to have an active Challonge profile and I will require everyone who wishes to play in the events to send me their email address associated with the Challonge signup.



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