Gamevox is broken
[O]Elite Sardaukar 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Nov 2014
Currently we are experiencing difficulties with or gamevox server, as a temporary measure we have a mumble server setup which you can all use, sorry about the high pings in advance but its only temporary. You will need to download Mumble and connect to the server IP - / PORT - 64738

28th Nov 2014 [D]Profguitarman
have you tried uninstalling steam?
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26th Nov 2014 Imperator_Urist
I'm guessing vent is the next step followed by the dreaded teamspeak?
25th Nov 2014 [D]Profguitarman
sounds like a cry for attention
25th Nov 2014 Cobleguy
Hopefully it will be fixed! Not good when there are bugs around.
25th Nov 2014 [A]Nicb1
Here is another copy of the Mumble (Working) Link for those who can't find it.
25th Nov 2014 BeerForKids
Can't load the Mumble Website to download it haha great timing.
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