BRN v Promethean (casual)
[D]Mishtakashi 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Dec 2014
Hi Team Burning,

In continuation of our friendly rivalry with the European Promethean clan we are going to have some open team games BRN vs Promethean on Saturday 13 December AU time. A start time will be in the morning (AEST) and has yet to be fixed so keep an eye on the Team Burning forum post for updates. This team event is open to all BRN members.


13th Dec 2014 [D]Pazoki
Wish I could have made it. Had to work :( You guys better have won or else... No chocolate for you.
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10th Dec 2014 Smithforce
8:00 AM doesn't sound easy, I love my sleep man.
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9th Dec 2014 [D]Mishtakashi
http://teamburning.clanwe ... sual-sju/getpage/2#2
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9th Dec 2014 [D]Mishtakashi
Updated with times etc
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9th Dec 2014 [D]LostFool
If i can get an estimate start time I can give you a yes/no. I am working during the day (friday for me).
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