Temp Ban
[D]Mishtakashi 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Jan 2015
Team Burning has at it's core an aim to provide a social network for players of Planetary Annihilation to interact. This includes members of BRN and guests using our game vox voip server to find games, co-op on games and chit chat in general. Recently public flaming has occurred on live twitch stream between one of our members and a public PA player. Crap like this is not good for BRNs reputation in the small PA community; we do not want our game vox to be labelled as a toxic voip server because of individuals actions. A temporary ban will serve as a warning to think before starting a flame chat and not go overboard.

11th Mar 2015 [D]Profguitarman
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13th Jan 2015 [D]LostFool
I support this post.
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