Interclan team games
[D]Mishtakashi 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Apr 2015
Hello TeamBurning, Smithforce here. Mish is posting this for me, so kind . I was informed by Northern Walk or [NW] that on the 19th of April they were open to have some team games with us.

I am hoping some can make it to play, otherwise I will hunt you down and... Just kidding but I expect a good turnout for some fun games of Planetary Annihilation. Mandatory fun is to be had.

The times for this is: The 19th 21UTC time
Brisbane (the second best city):7:00am
Sydney and Melbourne (no daylight savings) 7:00am
(Bloody Kiwis)
New York:5:00pm
Los Angeles:2:00pm

With that all being said I expect anyone reading this to be there unless a good excuse is given and a bribe.

16th Apr 2015 BeerForKids
Some of us never sleep i'm sure we can Violet :)
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16th Apr 2015 VioletAnia
seriously???? will we even be able to get enough people awake at that hour???
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15th Apr 2015 BeerForKids
I expect to given the replays to cast :p
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15th Apr 2015 [D]Mishtakashi
Welly at 9am
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