Act of Aggression
[D]Pazoki 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Jul 2015
So the era of PA has ended and now it looks like we are shifting onto a new rts. Act of Aggression is currently in beta and is a lot of fun. We are going to start recruiting for it and hopeful help grow the competitive team game scene in AoA. If you haven't got it already it is pretty good. It is still in beta and will get a full release in a month or so. 

http://www.actofaggressio ...

23rd Jul 2015 [D]Pazoki
Also apology for any and all email that are sent out to members. We are currently dusting off the site and giving it a bit of a spring clean.
23rd Jul 2015 [D]Pazoki
Any existing members who get Act of Aggression will get added to that roster so don't worry about that. Not that it overly matters.
23rd Jul 2015 BeerForKids
Have to say its nice seeing a return to more standard sort of RTS like Command & Conquer style.
Which the the Lead Dev in a interview with Total Biscuit mentioned that they all loved C&C and drew a lot of inspiration from it.I personally think so far these guys have done a decent job and seem to have the right mindset for it.
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23rd Jul 2015 BeerForKids
Got my copy for my Birthday Yesterday so looking forward to it.
Sign me up just waiting for my Internet to be fixed up and i'l be back around in a couple of weeks.
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23rd Jul 2015 [D]LostFool
I'll be getting it within a week.


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