[O]Elite Sardaukar 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th Nov 2015
Hey everyone,

I'm interested in group funding gamevox expenses for the next year, with the gap between aud and usd getting bigger the gamevox server expenses are increasing, if we can raise $72usd ($102aud/$112nzd)  we can get this out of the way for an entire year. Subscription is due by the 15th of December, if we cannot meet this I will be looking at alternative voip hosting solutions.

7th Dec 2015 [O]Elite Sardaukar
I would like to thank everyone for their donations,it will keep gamevox active for another year
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19th Nov 2015 BeerForKids
I'l chuck 5-10$ in.
19th Nov 2015 [O]Elite Sardaukar
I'll throw in 20, we are nearly there people, need approx another $40
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18th Nov 2015 GreatDestroyer666
keep game vox , ill chip in 25
18th Nov 2015 BeerForKids
I'm happy to Sponsor a Teamspeak server for Team Burning for Free.
Got plenty of spare space and bandwidth for one.
18th Nov 2015 [D]Mishtakashi
I'll chip in 20 NZD


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