Clan Wars Season 2
[O]Elite Sardaukar 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd Nov 2015
Clan Wars Season 2 will be kicking off sometime very soon, we will be interested in fielding teams of 3-5 over the next 3-4 months. Just wanting to know who is interested and who is available to practice frequently?

29th Nov 2015 kibble909jr
I am up for it.
24th Nov 2015 [D]LostFool
I'm sure it'll be on sale come black Friday, I'll try to pick it up
24th Nov 2015 JellyMcNelly
I think I will get back into this now that I have a lot more free time. Need to play something other than fallout as well.
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22nd Nov 2015 [O]Elite Sardaukar
It will probably kick off over the next 3 weeks, so get training asap
22nd Nov 2015 [D]Mishtakashi
Count me in, should we start setting up some practice sessions to gauge how committed people are?
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22nd Nov 2015 Bayliss
I'm up for it, still haven't stopped playing pa haha
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