Clan Wars Season 2
[O]Elite Sardaukar 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Mar 2016
Hey everyone,

Just letting everyone know that the clan wars season 2 sign ups are open. We will be looking to field a team and if any inactive players are looking for a chance to get back into PA now is the time. I expect all Team Burning PA players to add themselves to the roster regardless of if you will be playing or not. Selection for the Active team will be chosen on skill and activity so get practicing. Sign ups can be found here - ... -showdown-2/sign-up/ 

27th Apr 2016 soup_dog
Sorry that I missed people event. I was in the hospital for the duration of it. I have recovered since then, but still am bummed that I missed it.
1st Apr 2016 [O]Elite Sardaukar
need i say sign ups are mandatory, i'll be disappointed if more people can't get on roster from team burning than realm
31st Mar 2016 soup_dog
how are we going to be doing teams?
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29th Mar 2016 [O]Elite Sardaukar
It would seem it is kicking off late april you can read more here - ... /page-9#post-1127248


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