[Complaint] Clan War Maps
[D]Pazoki 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th Apr 2016
The Clan Wars maps are out. They are very large. With downgraded servers and good players all doing their best will result in some very laggy games. These maps are unacceptable.

I formally request everyone to gear up to shitpost and make these shitty organizers know that they are incompetent.
https://forums.uberent.com/thr ... n-wars.70643/page-13

Kind regards,

Your favorite admin, Pazoki

18th Apr 2016 [A]Nicb1
I stopped giving a shit since proelert refused to move the tourney to 2 hours later making it 6 in the morning instead of 4 for us. He still doesn't appear to give a shit even though members of other clans have said it's ok as well. In other words, I have lost all hope for this tourney. Shits fucked.
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